Friday, November 13, 2009

8 Down, 9 to Go! (AKA halfway there!)

Treatment #8 is now I'm the history books. Looking forward to the weekend and a little R&R (or heaven forbid a LOT of R&R!)

R&R will be broken up a bit by the opportunity to take two of my three girls and two friends each to see Disney's Princesses on Ice. Yeah, you got that right- me, 6 girls, and all the sappy dialogue and non-Olympic caliber ice skating one can drum up! Actually, looking forward to it and the time with the girls.

Anyway, it SO beats the alternative. Lisa is going to stay home and paint. Now you see how badly I must hate painting! So true...

Updates resume on Monday. Taking the weekend off and going 'dark'.


1 comment:

  1. 100 percent on work outs - unbelievable. I need some of that Handy drive. Keep up the good work. Keep me posted on that Turkey day ride.

    Steve Clinger