Friday, November 6, 2009

3 Down, 14 to Go!

Got to Huntsman a little early so was in and out quickly. I'm getting used to the routine and putting the 'clamshell' on (don't ask, really!). Feeling the effects today- food doesn't taste as good, or in some cases at all.

Stomach is bothering me, but not terribly, yet. Hoping it won't get really bad. I can see why we take weekends off from treatment.

The staff remembered my taste for rock music, so they had Nickelback queued up and ready for me when I got there. Helps the time pass, and at least takes some of the 'clinical edge' off of all of this.

I have to say that the Huntsman folks are wonderful. Caring, willing to answer all my inane questions, and just pleasant to work with.

I told a few folks at work today, though, that the radation almost seems like 'snake oil'. Don't get me wrong, I know it is killing the bad stuff and probably saving my life, but you can't see it, hear it, smell it, etc. and it takes only a few minutes to do and then done. It could be placebo for all we know, it's just strange in that same way that all of this is strange.

So, will rest and recuperate through the weekend, hopefully get to see the U win their game this weekend, and then cowboy up and start all over again Monday.

A big shout out to Andrea who's doing chemo, Denise who's doing radiation, and Kelly who is recovering from surgery (non-cancer related, thank goodness). Props to their families- Bob, Isaac and Connor; Rich; and Loren, Alyssa, Ashley and my homey Mad Max!

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