Saturday, November 21, 2009

13 Down, 4 to Go! (AKA "unlucky 13")

"Unlucky" because my stomach was bothering me all day, and if I had had a solid door at work instead of glass I would have turned off the light and taken a nap! Where is George Costanza when you need him! After taking my Zofran and having my treatment the nausea went away, but my stomach was still 'off' and I was tired.

Was able to sit through 2 1/2 hours of the movie '2012'. Entertaining. Not an Oscar winner, but I didn't go expecting that. Did crash hard last night when we came home, though.

File this under 'ironic'... So I'm in front of Huntsman waiting for the valet to bring my car (patients have valet parking, how cool is that?), and suddenly I start getting a whiff of cigarette smoke. Given Utah's Clean Air Indoor Act that seemed strange out in front of a public place. Couldn't spot the person smoking, but could smell it very strong. Finally as I drove away I spotted the offender at the requisite 25 foot distance. Can you believe it? What kind of an idiot stands in front of HUNTSMAN CANCER CENTER SMOKING A CIGARETTE? Wanted to ask if she'd like to save herself some time and just make an appointment with my Doctors right now. Incredible...

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