Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Down, 12 to Go!

Well, 5 down and 12 to go. I'm 1/3 of the way there. I arrived a bit early so had my weekly checkup w/ Dr. Million before treatment. She said all my vitals look good & I'm healthy. I told her fatigue is the biggest side effect bothering me at this point. I'm not looking forward to how I'll feel Friday when I've had a full week and last week's three days on top of it.

I ran 3.5 miles so I am still 100% on my workout goal on treatment mornings.

Thanks to those who've sent encouraging emails in the last week- Larry Peterson, Steve Clinger, Bart Anderson and others. Much love out to all! Kelly Roundy is doing better. She, Loren, Alyssa and Max came to see us Sunday. Loren has hidden talents- made us an apple pie. Even cut out little stars of pie crust and baked them on top. VERY in touch with his feminine side. :-). Shout out to Loren (aka Julia Child!)

1 comment:

  1. Todd.....keep up the great work and great attitude big guy!! When your done with that apple pie - I'll whip up a coconut cream with some whip cream doilees on top! :-) Much love, Loren (aka Julie Child/Martha Stewart/Rachael Ray)