Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over 35% of the way there!

Friends and family,
Last Sunday evening I read in my Facebook news feed a post from a friend and former colleague who has been battling cancer.  He indicated his leukemia had returned, the doctors had nothing else they could do, and he was going back home to enjoy the comforts of home in what time he had left.  Thursday night of this week I saw that he had passed away- four days after he had gone home to enjoy his remaining time.  I HATE THIS DISEASE!  Talion- may you rest in peace, and may you finally be able to rest from the effects of your cancer and your treatment.  My prayers are with your friends and family.

Anyway…I wanted to drop a quick e-mail to update you on the progress of my fundraising efforts for Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  As of this morning, thanks to your kindness and generosity, we’re up to a total of $3,550 in giving.  35% of the way to the $10K goal, with 4 weeks remaining.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If you’d like to donate, in any amount you think you’re able, or if you simply want to take a look at the progress, please click here:   And, don't forget- your company may have a donation matching program.  Check into it, because that will DOUBLE any donation you feel you can make, which greatly helps in reaching the $10K goal!

Four weeks from yesterday I’ll arise early in the morning, and spend the next 10-10.5 hours racing my bike from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY.  Many are amazed when they hear what we do in that race, but I can tell you that what happens in that race is just a microcosm of what cancer patients and survivors go through- but theirs isn’t simply a bike race, in many cases it’s a race for life- a race against mutant cells, a race for a cure, a race of dignity.  Talion lost his race, and others will as well, but anything I can do to help others win their race is my goal and my passion.

Thank you for your friendship, your love, your generosity and your willingness to be a part of something that’s greater than all of us!  If you’re a Facebook user, please consider liking my fundraising page, “Kick Cancer To The Curb”. Click here to check it out…and please “Like” if you’re so inclined.

Thank you all for what you mean to me.  I’ll continue to post updates of fundraising progress on Facebook (, my blog, and via Twitter ( ).

Thank you for your relationship with me, and for your love and support!

With best regards,


PS- PLEASE feel free to forward the e-mail, share the link to the blog, retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook! The more people this can go to, the more potential to help raise funds!