Friday, August 20, 2010

Win This Bike Courtesy of Biker's Edge!!!

OK, time to get even more serious about cancer fundraising. Zach Chatelain, owner of Biker's Edge in Kaysville, donated this Felt Curbside bike for my Huntsman fundraising!

The bike is a single speed or fixed gear bike, you can adjust based on flipping the rear wheel around. It's a GREAT bike for around town, and has a retail price of $699!

My hope is that those who've not yet donated may consider doing so now with the chance to help out AND win this wonderful bike, and those who have donated also have a chance, and can donate more if they'd like.

Tickets are $20 each. Those who've donated, I'll provide one ticket per $20 donated (rounding down to the nearest whole ticket). I'll draw for the bike on September 3rd, so you have two weeks to donate.

Again, I'm trying to raise $20K for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. I'm just over $3K or 15% there, but I know many who are planning to donate but haven't. I hope this encourages more to do so with the potential of not only helping out cancer research, but also winning a SWEET bike! Check out more pics below.

Good luck!

Two Weeks In And Over $3K Raised

Just a quick update- two weeks ago I sent out emails, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter messages in an attempt to raise $20K for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. As of tonight the generous donations equal $3,130! 15% of the way there, so we'll need to step it up a bit if we want to hit the number by Sept. 11. Check out my next post to learn more about how you can donate AND WIN A BRAND NEW BIKE!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of the most difficult things I've ever done...

Friends, family and colleagues,

“You have B cell follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma.” 

Last October those were the words I heard as I was diagnosed with cancer.  The circumstances under which I received the diagnosis were miraculous, and I'll be happy to share them with any of you who haven't heard the incredible story.  Still, at age 40 to receive a diagnosis of cancer was, to say the least, difficult!  I underwent 17 radiation treatments in the month of November (2009), which was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve done so far in my life.  In the end, I completed all 17 treatments, was pronounced “cancer free” in January of this year, and just this past July I had my first 6 month check-up, and received word that I’m still cancer free!

All of this would not have been possible had it not been for the incredible medical and research staff of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  Which brings me to the second most difficult thing I’ve done.  Because Huntsman literally saved my life, I am attempting to raise $20,000 in donations earmarked 100% for Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  That in and of itself is difficult (that’s more than I’ve ever raised at one time for any charity for which I’ve fundraised).  But, to make it even more difficult, I am looking to raise those funds by September 11- the day I race 206 miles in my sixth LOTOJA ( race.

Here’s how I arrived at $20,000:
Between my e-mail address book, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, etc., I think I can get to approximately 1,000 individuals.  If all 1,000 of them donate just $20, I’m there!
Now, not all 1,000 of those folks will donate for one reason or another, and that’s OK.  So, let’s say 500 of them donate just $40- I’m still there!
And, if all I raise is the fundraising minimum for Huntsman Hometown Heroes ($1,000), I’ve still helped out those who can benefit from cancer research, and I’m still there!

So, I’m sending this e-mail to each of you.  I apologize, but I fear a few may receive duplicates of this e-mail- I’m sorry.  Regardless, if you feel you could donate to help with cancer research, and help me reach my difficult goal of $20,000, please click here-

I’ll thank you all in advance for anything you feel you can do.  I’ll continue to post updates of fundraising progress on my blog (, and also via Twitter (

Thank you for your relationship with me, and for your love and support!

With best regards,


PS- PLEASE feel free to forward the e-mail, share the link to the blog, retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook!  The more people this can go to, the more potential to help raise funds!