Thursday, November 12, 2009

7 Down, 10 to Go!

Dang! Tired last night and today was worse. Wanted to take a nap at work in the worst way! The episode on Seinfeld where George has a 'bed' built under his desk so he can take naps during the workday came to mind. If my office door didn't have glass in it I would have considered it. Wouldn't have done it, but would have thought long and hard!

Ran 3.5 mi. at the gym today so still doing well physically. 100% on my goal for workouts. Helps mentally if nothing else.

After tomorrow's workout I'm at the halfway point.

Planning a Turkey Day road ride for those reading this who are interested. 40-60 miles, easy pace, no hammering allowed (unless I'm the one doing the hammering!). Email me if interested. Start early in time to be home and help our fams out.

OK. Hitting the sack early tonight hoping that will help. I guess being at the gym at 5:10 AM takes back some of that help? Oh, well. C'est la vie Handy!


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