Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Conundrum...

OK, so several friends and family have indicated they've been checking the blog and haven't seen anything lately.  Full disclosure- after radiation treatments ended, I was so wiped out and was starting a new job, and I just wanted a break.  Same holds true for my Twitter page...

So, now that a month has passed since I wrapped up radiation (a month!), I've been wanting to get back to regular updates, not to mention branching out a bit and not just talking about cancer.

So, I've started gearing back up for regular updates, and happened to take a look at my blog ranking in the pantheon of "webdom".  Not that I'm a famous blogger like Fat Cyclist or Twisted Spoke, two cycling blogs I enjoy reading (especially Fat Cyclist- you should take the time to read a half dozen posts- you'll be hooked!).  But, my blog does have enough traffic to be ranked, which many websites out there can't say.  What does this have to do with anything?  It started me thinking about how I could leverage this blog to do even more good- specifically, to raise money for cancer.  I've been doing that for the last several years on my own, but have decided to look into allowing advertising on my blog.  WHAT?  ARE YOU CRAZY HANDY?  Now, before anyone asks why I'm "selling out", or says "why should I pay to read your blog", we're talking about advertising being allowed on the site, 100% of the proceeds of which I would donate to Huntsman Cancer Institute.  So, I'm considering turning on Google AdSense.  What is AdSense?  Read on...

What is AdSense?

"AdSense enables you to earn money by placing targeted text and image ads
on your blog.

Google automatically chooses which ads to show based on your blog's content, and you earn money when visitors view or click on these ads."

So, note- the readers of the blog DO NOT PAY anything.  Advertisers pay when someone clicks on something to take a look at it.

Which brings me to today's post...what do you think about this?  I've created a survey at the top of the blog, and would ask that everyone who reads this post lets me know what you think of this possibility.  I'm 100% willing to listen to a majority who say "don't do it, it's tacky, shameless and commercial."  However, if the majority say "Yeah, do it, let's let those advertisers' money go to helping with cancer research", then I'll take a look at that, as well.

So...the decision is in your hands.  What do you think?  Please vote...but only once each.  The survey runs through 1/15, at which point I'll revisit this and make a decision.

Oh, and on the cancer front- had a follow-up with Dr. Million on Dec. 15 and she told me all looked good on my recovery from radiation and she was turning me back over to Dr. Glenn.  I go on Jan. 19 for my next PET scan and results with Dr. Glenn, at which point we should know if the cancer all got taken care of by the radiation.  So, prayers and positive thoughts between now and Jan. 19 are greatly appreciated!

Much love to all...