Monday, June 18, 2012

Ride From Reno- Day 5/6

Well, it's time to post my last post on the Ride From Reno/Huntsman 140, and go back to real life- family (which I missed), work (which I didn't miss, but which I love and need to get back to), and all the other things in my life that stood still and patiently awaited me to spend a week on my bike focusing on riding, cancer, renewing and building friendships, etc.

Let me start by saying- my family is the VERY best!  Not only did Lisa support me in doing this, she stayed home, took care of the house and the kids, and sent our oldest daughter off to Taiwan for a month, but she was there at the finish line waiting when we arrived.  Thanks Lisa- I love you more than I can say!

Thanks to Caitlin and Kira and Kodi- my three wonderful daughters, all of whom at one time or another during the week e-mailed, texted, or phoned with me.  I love you all, and am so glad to have you as my daughters and in my corner.

And, finally, thanks to my dear Mother.  She and I share a special bond given the unique nature of our family (single mother, only child)- and I was reminded this week why I love her so much.  She's so caring, so giving, and so willing to help others.  As Denise said in one of her posts on Jeff Warrren's Ride From Reno Blog- my Mom came for me, but ended up supporting, loving and caring for 11 riders.  She's gone back home today, but I want to remind her how much fun I had, how great it was to have her there, and how I've probably not spent that much 1:1 time with her since before I graduated, served a mission and got married.  I love you Mom!

So, now to wrap this all up.

Friday- rest day.  NICE to relax.  Massage by Margaret- AWESOME!  Lunch at the diner- TASTY!  Dinner with friends- PRICELESS!  Oh, and the idea that I should run 6 miles to give my legs somewhat different of a workout, in the heat, with the wind, and uphill- bad idea!  So, I only did 3 miles- but that's OK!

Saturday- this was the 5th time I've done what's become the "Huntsman 140". Maybe 6th.  My first 2 (or 3) were just as part of the Bountiful Mazda Club.  The last three have been as part of the Huntsman 140, and the last two years I've been blessed to be part of the planning committee.  A perfect time for me to say that Lori Kun, Jen Murano and Brooke Hathaway of Huntsman Cancer Foundation are each three WONDERFUL ladies- but three friends whom I cherish.  Not only do they care about ALL cancer patients, and survivors, but they've shown me how much they care about this cancer patient and survivor.  THANKS LADIES!

My thanks also to my friends from the Bountiful Mazda Cycling club.  It was so good to see so many there, and to ride with you all.  I'm grateful to have all of you as friends, and to have ridden so many miles with you over the years.

The day was good, we got to lunch (mile 101) with a 19.8 MPH average speed, which is way good normally, but on top of four prior hard days of riding, downright awesome!

Support along the way was well needed- and very appreciated.

Finally, as we approached Huntsman, with Echo along with her new bike, as always my emotions took over.  But, for the last three years, it's been more personal.  It's not just been "I'm here supporting my club and my friend(s)", it's become "I love the facility, the staff, and everyone associated with Huntsman, as they've most likely saved my life, and are probably extending it!"  Cancer sucks, no doubt about it.  But, these folks are there for us- and they're the best in the world.  I'm proud to say that they care for me, and I'm open enough to say I rely on and trust them immensely.  To Dr. Martha Glenn, who cares for me every 6 months- THANKS!  Lisa and I hang on your every word, and trust you implicitly.  To Dr. Million, who oversaw my radiation, and then went on to another facility- THANK YOU, and good luck!

So, as I close the book on this year's Ride From Reno, and Huntsman 140, know that I now begin my fundraising in earnest (tied to my LOTOJA race in September), and that right now my plan is to do the ENTIRE RFR next year, as well.

Much love,


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