Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ride From Reno- Day 2

255 miles down, 415 to go!  Day 2 is officially in the books.

When asked at dinner "What will you write about today?", the first thing that came to my mind was "the tailwind."  Then "the climb into Austin."  But, as I was walking back to the hotel after dinner, it hit me that it's all about "the people."  That said, I'll quickly detail the first two, and then touch on the last one.

So, today's ride was from Cold Springs Station to Eureka.  120 miles.  And, my little friend Madison Van Uitert had posted the following on Facebook yesterday, "Hey friends! Want some inspiration? Read this blog. Any prayers for Todd would be appreciated as he embarks on a ride from Reno to SLC. He will be riding 670 miles over 5 days...crazy, right? Any happy thoughts and/or prayers I'm sure will be appreciated and help him on this incredible race for an incredible cause! Love you Todd!! #handybestrong  Well, THANKS Madi!  Those prayers were answered, because approximately 35 of the last 40 miles today were an amazing tailwind!  At one point we had gone about 15 miles at a 25 MPH average and most of us hadn't gone over 100 BPM heartrate.  Wahoo!  MORE PRAYERS MADI, MORE PRAYERS!

Second, today we had a VERY LARGE climb. Up to the city of Austin (where we had lunch), and then on to the top- lots of switchbacks, lots of climbing, and lots of sweat!  But, it was awesome to get over the top, and then drop down at almost 50 MPH.  Then, DO IT AGAIN (more climb). And, drop again at almost 50 MPH.  Tomorrow I'm told we have five climbs...and I'll probably not sleep a wink tonight.  No, I lie- I'LL DEFINITELY SLEEP TONIGHT!

Finally, let me just say something about the people [those who are riding. I'll share about support drivers at a later time].  Jeff Warren, Loren (Zo) Roundy, Steve Kelly, Larry Peterson, Jason Bleak, Darcie Strong, Joe Plater, Ravell Call, Scott Westfall and Dan Sellers- I can't think of riding with a more incredible group of riders anywhere.  Mike Petroff- you are missed!  Feel better!  This group is an incredible group.  Everyone is as competitive as can be, but when another rider is hurting, I've seen folks pull for twice as long as normal, drop back to pull a rider to the group, slide over to the side to shield someone from the wind, and then TEAR EACH OTHERS' LEGS OFF on an upcoming climb!  I'm honored to be part of this group, and honored to ride with each one of you.  I want you to know of my utmost respect for each of you, and I hope that I can be there to help any and all when you're feeling a little rough- I'm sure you'll do the same for me.

So, to wrap up- two days down, two to go to Delta. Then, the final day will be Saturday and the Huntsman 140, culminating in the final climb up the hill to Huntsman- the place where I received my treatment from the doctors who I'm certain saved my life.  Now, as I continue to fight cancer, and continue to go to Huntsman, I'm continually reminded of the war so many are waging against cancer, and I'm grateful for such a fine institution in our backyard- Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

On to Day 3...

Much love!


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