Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ride From Reno- Day 1

Ride From Reno- Day 1

I had no idea what to expect!  LOTOJA I've done 7 times- I know the route like the back of my hand.  Our daily rides all around Layton, out West, up North, etc.-  I know them all well.  This ride- the first four days, at least, is completely new to me.  I don't know the terrain.  I don't know the elevations.  I don't know when the descents will come and I'll get a reprieve.  Nope. Nothing.  Bupkis.  By the way, what the heck IS bupkis?  Dunno- but that's what I know about this ride.

So, today we departed Reno at 7:00 AM.  After the obligatory pics in front of the "Welcome to Reno" arch, we headed south out of town.  The first order of the day was to climb Geiger Grade. File this under "I don't know the route."  Not a terrible climb- the pitch wasn't out of control the entire way. Lots of switchbacks. Lots of narrow road.  6 or 7 (I lost count) false summits.  6 or 7!  By the time the actual summit came, I was so freaked out about getting pumped that we were finally at the top that I wasn't pumped that we were finally at the top.  But, it was awesome! They're doing road work on the back side, so we weren't able to bomb down and into Virginia City.

Virginia City- wow!  Reminded me so muh of Park City.  Former gold and silver mining town.  Narrow Main Street.  Buildings on both side that look like they came straight out of a western.  Jeff's Dad lives there, in a beautiful home, surrounded by a few others he built.  GREAT place.

From there we bombed down 6 Mile Canyon.  I've heard it's 10 miles to the bottom, but that doesn't make sense.  It's CALLED 6 Mile Canyon!  Regardless, it was nothing but downhill, some of it VERY downhill.  Again, file this under "I don't know the route."  I'm a good descender- but when it's very twisty, and I don't know the route, and there are a good number of oncoming cars climbing the canyon- nope.  I'm not gonna bomb like I can.  Still, it was great, and we didn't have to pedal much on the descent.

The ride from the bottom all the way to Fallon was unremarkable.  Long, straight, hot, desolate- but still fun.  There are 12 of us riding, and it's a great group.  When someone is hurting, someone else steps up- takes a longer pulls, puts a hand on their back to help guide them up a hill, etc.

We arrived in Fallon (mile 70), and had lunch at Lattin Farms.  The owner, Bill, is 92, and paid for the meal for us to show his support for Huntsman Cancer Institute.  What a cute little man!  92, still gets around well (albeit with a cane), and has a great sense of humor.  His daughter and son-in-law were riding with us, and they are also great folks.  Thanks Bill and the Lintons for your kindness and hospitality!

The rest of the journey (65 more miles) was again unremarkable- all the things indicated above, but a lot of ups and downs.  A few good descents, was able to get to 47 MPH on one of them (still had headwind, which makes it tough to get into the 50 MPH range).

We ended up at mile 135 at Cold Springs Station.  Drove back 65 miles to Fallon, where we're staying the night.  Up tomorrow and out at 7:00. Drive back to Cold Springs Station, and from there a 120 mile day traveling to Eureka, NV.

Felt good today.  Good nutrition.  Good hydration.  Little sunburn (lots o' sunscreen).  Looking forward to day two and to see how I do back to back.

Oh, yeah- and cancer will not win the war. It may win a few battles, but this group, and many more across the nation (LiveSTRONG, etc.) will continue to push and fight and do all possible to ensure cancer DOES NOT WIN.

Until tomorrow night...much love,

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