Sunday, June 10, 2012

As I sit here in the hotel room at Circus Circus, having just gorged on all kinds of carbs at the buffet, I'm pondering what the next six days will bring.  The last 8 years have been filled with some incredible opportunities as I've taken up the sport of cycling, and have participated in so many amazing rides.  However, three years ago this very ride became VERY PERSONAL to me.

Rewind to June, 2009.  I was riding with the Bountiful Mazda cycling club, and one of our members, and my good friend, Jeff Warren, was doing his annual ride from Reno to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and the club would join him on the last day of the ride in Delta, UT, and bring him home to HCI.  That year was my 3rd time doing the ride with the club, and as we finished the ride and ended up at HCI, I was touched by what we had done, and overcome with emotion.  My Dad was these supporting us (he normally wasn't far when there was a ride to be supported!), and I remember vividly just taking in the sights, sounds, emotions, etc.  Little did I know that three weeks later I would be hit by a car while on my bike, which would set in motion a turn of events that would see me returning to Huntsman- only this time to the hospital, to not only receive a cancer diagnosis, but to receive 17 radiation treatments.

My journey to the point I'm at today, at least cancer-wise, began that day that I was hit by the car.  However, if I stop to think about it, it really began earlier- driving down to Delta, UT VERY EARLY in the morning, and working with my club mates to bring back several riders who had ridden from Reno in an attempt to raise not only funds for cancer research, but the profile of cancer treatment in general.  In many ways you might say I "trained" for this.

So, as I sit here now, I reflect on that, and look forward wondering what the next six days will bring.  670 miles of riding over 5 days (Friday will be a rest day).  I've never ridden that many miles in that many days.  I'm fit, I have the mental stamina, and I HATE CANCER, so it shouldn't be hard, but the butterflies are there.  At this point I just want morning to come so I can get on the bike and get going!

Check back daily if you'd like to have updates on how the ride is going.  The ups, the downs, the learnings, the fun stuff.

Oh, and while you're at it- thank the Lord for your health, your strength, your family, all that you love.  Cancer has taken much from many, and it may take some of these from me or others of us, as well, but it can't take our will to fight, our will to beat this thing, and the love and support of the Lord and our families.

Much love,


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