Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ride From Reno- Day 3

Ever ride 670 miles in 5 days?  Me, neither!  We ride daily about the same distances the professional cyclists in the Grand Tours ride, only just a bit slower than them!  But, there's something the pros have in common with us- SUPPORT.  If it weren't for our support drivers, most of us, if not all, simply couldn't get this done.  We ride, they do ALL the rest.

In my case, my Dad used to drive support for me- he did my first 6 LOTOJAs, the first Huntsman 140, and has done many other important rides.  I lost my Dad in February, 2011, and it's difficult to think of a race (especially LOTOJA) without him in my truck having my back. LOTOJA last year was especially difficult, as it was the first one without him.

Well, in my case, I'm blessed to have my dear Mother supporting me this week.  Due to some circumstances, she ended up coming with us on Sunday, and will be with us the entire week!  My Dad's no longer with us, but my Mom is here, and I think she's caught the support bug!  I can't think of a better place for the two of us to be this week than together in this ride.  And, since she's a cancer survivor, as well, it's even more poignant.

But, that's not all.  EVERY one of us has someone here driving support, filling water bottles, doing anything they can to help us get up and over mountains, across the valleys, etc.

So, a HUGE shout out to all the support drivers here (all of whom support not only their own riders, but each one of us).  Please know how much I appreciate you personally, and am grateful for you being here!  It'll be great for us to all roll into HCI together.

Big thanks to...

Chandler, Denise, Holly, Jim, Kelly, Lori, Marian, Sarah

Day 3 is in the books!  Bring on day 4...

Much love,


  1. Go get 'em Tood. We are all cheering for you back here at home.


  2. Todd! You are amazing! What an inspiration to all off us.