Tuesday, June 16, 2015

RFR 2015 Day 2 (Cold Springs to Austin, 120 miles)

Ouch.  Yeah, for sure- OUCH!  Mid-90s today.  I was on top of my game with my nutrition, and drinking water as fast as I could get to it. Still, I think I got dehydrated.  It was crazy out there!  The first climb of the day went really well, as did the descent.  Topped out at 51.5 MPH!  Showed my Mom on my Garmin- not impressed!  She doesn't like when I go more than 20! :-) Then Austin came, and the climb ate my lunch.  Yeah, it owned me.  Bad!

The descent from Austin also went well.  Then the climb- ugh!  We did eat lunch in a little campground with some shade, which helped a bit. But, one we got rolling again, I simply couldn't drink enough water to keep myself hydrated and not bonking.  The food- nailed it.  The liquid, tried, but couldn't get it done.

At one point we were stopped on the side of the road and here comes an RV towing a trailer with a car on it.  Except there's this terrible screeching noise, and the right tire of the trailer is gone.  GONE!  The rim is riding on the asphalt, and it literally was leaving a groove in the road.  I would have loved to have seen the dude's face when he pulled in to get some gas, went back to check on the trailer, and saw the tire gone and the rim toast.  I'm thinking UHaul isn't giving that dude his security deposit back.  As we got about 5 miles from Eureka we saw a fire truck putting out a fire on the side of the road, and some folks were suspecting that the wheel of the trailer sparked and caused a fire on the side of the road.  Who knows, but it plays well for a story.

Western bacon burger with fries for dinner.  Drank water all night.  Still feel like I can't get enough.

The big deal was that my right foot has been "burning" with a hot spot.  So bad that at lunch I put a band aid on it just to try to keep the friction of my shoe from rubbing the spot.  Well, I get to the hotel tonight and pull off my shoe- yeah, that looks like a bunion.  Ugh! That ain't gonna go over well for the next 3 days and 420 miles of riding.  We'll see how this goes.

Well, that's it, I'm gonna call it a night.

Much love!


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