Tuesday, June 16, 2015

RFR 2015 Day 1 (Reno to Cold Springs, 137 miles)

Well, we closed out day 1 of RFR.  A few interesting things happened along the way...

First was my cassette.  It had been skipping a bit as we rolled out of Reno. As we began Geiger Grade climb, it started revolting.  It's an 11 speed cassette, and I wasn't able to access my three biggest gears- the most important ones for climbing!  Yeah, no big deal.  Fortunately we had Rich Staley with us, and he owns Great Basin Bicycles.  After we consulted and he found out what I wanted for a replacement, he made a few calls and got the part and necessary tools ready, and my dear Mom went to pick them all up.  By lunch time Mom had caught back up to us, Rich had replaced the cassette, and I was golden.  Thanks Rich!

Second, on the way to Fallon we had an RV in oncoming traffic throw a hubcap.  It came spinning at us and then actually started to float- right into our path!  Now, here's the thing.  Most inexperienced cyclists would swerve all around, putting the rest of the pace line in jeopardy.  We had 17 people in the pace line, someone should have gone down.  But, no.  Scotty hit it first, and then Ravell, and back through the left side of the pace line.  NO ONE WENT DOWN!  No one was hurt.  No doubt we had some extra protection from above on that, as well as some serious skilled cyclists in the group!

Many thanks to Vicki Linton and her Dad, Bill, for hosting us for lunch at Lattin Farms.

We rode without further mishap or issue all the way to Cold Springs, and then racked our bikes, hopped back in the cars and drove the 60 miles back to Fallon for the night.

We had dinner at Jerry's as usual.  Although their service is/was rather slow, their food is good. And, a burger, fries and milkshake never seems better than after you've ridden 137 miles!

So, Day 1 down.  4 to go. Love this group and this experience, and love spending the week with my dear Mom!

Much love!

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