Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ride From Reno 2014- Day 2 (This Ride Is A Metaphor For Cancer!)

Well, today was "interesting", to say the least.  We had cold, rain, wind, and even snow (though it didn't stick). We also had some sun, and a pretty difficult day.

As the title of this post states, this ride is a perfect metaphor for cancer.  You can have all kinds of people supporting and cheering you on, but YOU and only YOU can turn the crank time after time, day after day. Only YOU can get from point A to point B.  There's no option to quit, and no option to just coast. You have to work hard, be mentally tough, deal with adversities, enjoy the tailwinds, and just hang on and "get 'er done."

Today's ride was that metaphor to a tee.  We started out with overcast and cold temps, only to get sprinkles and then more full blown rain.  At the top of the first full climb we actually had snow flurries.  We had some folks not feeling well, all of us feeling cold, and a difficult headwind and crosswind at times.

But we also had some tailwinds, some downhills, incredible support and the purpose of this ride- to work hard and raise funds for cancer research.  So, that doesn't afford us the option to quit- we keep riding, keep turning the crank, keep getting back on the bike.

Just before we climbed to the top of Austin, the sun came out. Many of us were taking off arm warmers, gloves, etc.  Then at the top of Austin the wind was blowing into us pretty fiercely, and that just made it incredibly cold.  Most of us ate then then sat in our cars to get warm. When the time came to get out and descend, none of us felt really good about it- we were all shivering uncontrollably and not all that excited to descend and get cold all over again. I personally had to fight "speed wobble" all the way down as I couldn't stop from shivering, and my handlebars were chattering back and forth.  We then climbed Bob Scott and descended again.

We did have some times of tailwind, where we were sitting up riding 25+ MPH with heart rates in the 100-110 range.  I'll take that!

As we flew into Eureka, we realized that we will be starting in 43 degree weather tomorrow morning, in shadow, as we climb Pinto Summit. But, we've had one tough day, we can conquer another.

I love this crew I ride with, and the support folks are the best.  You couldn't ask for higher caliber people, and I'm glad to call them all friends and "family."

I had some podium finishes on Strava, and came oh so close to a KOM!  Check it out...

Day 2 is in the books!

Much love,


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