Monday, June 16, 2014

Ride From Reno 2014 Day 1 Recap

OK, so here goes- the 2014 edition of the Ride From Reno is officially on!

For those who aren't familiar, the Ride From Reno was started by my dear friend, Jeff Warren, 13 years ago when he finished his cancer treatment.  He had head and neck, stage IV cancer, and did more courses of chemo than I care to mention.  He wanted to do something to celebrate beating the odds, so being an avid cyclist he decided to ride from his home town of Reno, NV to the steps of Huntsman Cancer Institute/Hospital where he did his treatment.  Since then it's grown, and in 2010 Huntsman Cancer Foundation put their support behind it and we've grown it to a healthy fundraiser- raising $300K this year, with over 400 riders registered across all distances of the Huntsman 140, the event on the last day of the Ride From Reno (140 is the distance from Delta, UT where we take a rest day to Huntsman).  This is my third time riding the RFR, and 8th time riding from Delta to Huntsman.

Mom and I drove to Reno last night. Stopped in Wendover for buffet lunch like we do, 'cuz her cousin Gene is the head chef at the Peppermill, so we get a good meal and get to visit with him.  Lisa and the girls came along, 'cuz they like to do that, and since it was Father's Day we all wanted to be together.

Made good time to Reno, got checked in, set up and caught some ZZZs.  Up early to get ready and drive to the arch.  11 of us today- one who'll swap out tomorrow with one who ode separately due to a family commitment.  Riding were:
Jeff, Brian, Jason, Darcie, Dan, Jon, Rich, Scotty, Larry, Rob and me.  Tomorrow Rob won't be with us and we'll be joined by Joe.

Rode out of Reno and climbed Geiger Grade- hello legs!  Geiger is a long, hard pull, with lots of switchbacks.  But, it's also a beautiful view, and a reminder that we're going to work hard for the next five days- this isn't just a joy ride, it's work!

Dropped down the back side of Geiger to Jeff's Dad's place in Virginia City. What a great little town!  Jeff's Dad and sisters always support him to Delta, so we visited for a few and then dropped down the aptly named "6 Mile Canyon".

When we hit the bottom of 6 Mile, we turned left to head to Fallon, and ended up with a west wind (tailwind)! We were riding around 30 MPH with little effort for many miles, as the tailwind carried us swiftly to Fallon.

In Fallon we always eat lunch at Lattin Farms, owned by Vicki Linton's Dad, Bill.  Bill wasn't there this year, as he's in a long term care facility, but he will come see us in Delta on Friday.  What an incredible man, and his employees are so good to feed and care for us.  Thanks Bill- take care!

Th ride out of Fallon had a lot of crosswind, and was a little more difficult.  However, when we turned due East and headed towards Sand Mountain, the tailwind picked back up and pushed us up Sand Springs Pass.  Last "hard" climb for the day, though still some climb left before we would end.

Dropped down Sand Springs Pass and fought with the wind here and there.  Stopped at the Shoe Tree, then started the 12 mile slog up to Cold Springs where we would end the day.  My Garmin bonked on me at Latin Farms, and I ended up having to reset it and lost the first 75 miles of the day.  Here are my stats for the second half (from Fallon), as well as my stats for the whole Day 1 ride from last year for comparison.

Oh, yeah- and finished the day at Jerry's with the traditional burger, fries, Coke and chocolate shake.  That's what I'm talkin' about!

I'll be detailing the ride here all week.  But, I need to also mention that the purpose for this ride is fundraising for Huntsman Cancer Institute. So, if you're so inclined, you can donate through my Huntsman Cancer Foundation page at Todd Handy's fundraising page

I've not begun my fundraising in earnest, so you'll see there's not much activity there, but I would appreciate anything you think you can donate to help fight cancer and fund research for more tolerable treatment and to try to find a cure for cancer.

Thanks to all, and especially my dear Mom who is supporting me this week of the third time.  I love spending the week with her, and am so grateful for her love and support.  She's a fellow cancer survivor, so this means a lot to her, as well.  I love you, Mom!

Much love,

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