Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kick Cancer to the Curb!

Friends, family and colleagues,

Today I went to the Huntsman Cancer Hospital for my fourth scan since completing my radiation treatments in November of 2009.  As always, my family and I hoped and prayed that we'd be told I am still "cancer free", but regardless the outcome, we would take it as it comes and live by faith and not by fear.  Well, the results are in, and I’m STILL CANCER FREE!
Most of you know of my incredible journey, and how I came to be diagnosed with B cell follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Those who don't, I'd be happy to share the story some time if you're interested.  The bottom line is that Lisa and I feel we've been blessed to receive the diagnosis as early as we did, and to be able to be treated by the wonderful staff at Huntsman Cancer Hospital in Salt Lake City.
All we've been through has been made easier by the incredible medical and research staff of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, and Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Which brings me to the purpose for my e-mail.  I am attempting to raise $10,000 in donations earmarked 100% for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. That in and of itself is difficult (that’s more than I’ve ever raised at one time for any charity for which I’ve fundraised). But, to make it even more difficult, I am looking to raise those funds by September 10- the day I race 206 miles in my seventh LOTOJA ( race. 

So, here's where you fit into the equation, and why I'm sending this e-mail to you.  And, by the way, let me apologize- I fear some of you may receive duplicates of this e-mail- I’m sorry (between e-mail, Facebook, etc. you might see a second copy).
If you feel you could donate to help with cancer research, and help me reach my goal of $10,000, please click below:
And, don't forget- your company may have a donation matching program.  Check into it, because that will DOUBLE any donation you feel you can make, which greatly helps in reaching the $10K goal!

I thank you all in advance for anything you feel you can do. I’ll continue to post updates of fundraising progress on Facebook (, my blog (, and via Twitter ( 

Thank you for your relationship with me, and for your love and support!

With best regards,


PS- PLEASE feel free to forward the e-mail, share the link to the blog, retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook! The more people this can go to,
the more potential to help raise funds!

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