Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ride From Reno 2013- Day 2 "And You Thought WE Had It Hard!"

OK, as always, trying to post before hitting the sack.  A good day today.  Saddle sores got a little worse, but we'll work through that.  Weather was good, until a few miles before Eureka, when the sidewind went nuts (and turned into a headwind on the last climb into the town), and rain started to fall.  But, to be fair, most of the rain really starting coming down after we had arrived and the hotel and were off the road.

Austin Summit was one of our climbs today.  You climb a long, winding road into Austin, where you can stop and have some lunch, or continue with the rest of the climb, that's easily as long if not longer than the first half.  Wow- was good to finally get to the top.  Kudos to Ravell for being KOM on that climb!

While we were having lunch on top of the summit, we were joined by two young men who we had passed on the ascent.  Turns out they are from Montreal, and are riding their bikes from San Diego back to Montreal to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy. They figure it will take them 2 1/2 months, and they're raising $7500.  We visited with them- great young men with cool French accents.  Gave them fruit, cookies, etc. and Darcie and Denise even invited them to camp in their yard when they come through SLC.  We think we're a big deal riding 670 miles in one week to raise money for cancer research, these kids deserve a big round of applause for what they're doing!

For the most part it was a good day. Didn't have the same tailwind we had yesterday, but that was an anomaly and a blessing anyway!  Today we did have some good tailwind that carried us well, but we also had some sidewind that gave us a few problems (especially on the final ascent into Eureka).

Here's what today's route looked like on Google Maps:

Final stats for the day:

Distance- 120 miles
Average MPH- 19.6
Ride Time- 6:05

Hopefully I'll have a bit more time to post tomorrow night and can be a little more detailed.  A good day, all were safe, and we're now 260 miles into our 667.

Much love!

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