Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Nervous

So, tomorrow is the next 'big day' in the ongoing cancer saga. I wrapped up radiation therapy on the day after Thanksgiving, and then got a reprieve until the follow up in January, which seemed so far away back then.

Well, far away is no appointment is tomorrow. We'll start the day at 6:00 with a PET scan, and then I'll probably go to work from 9:00-11:30. Will go to lunch with Lisa and Barry and then back up to Huntsman for lab work at 12:50 and then my follow-up w/ Dr. Glenn at 1:20. We'll have the results of the PET scan, and we'll know if the radiation got all the cancer or not.

Strange thing is that I think whether or not the answer is that we got it all, I still anticipate they'll want me to come back in three months and we'll start a regular 3 month cycle from there. This is an incurable cancer, as those who've been following this and the blog know, so they may just start me on the 3 mo. cycle like they would have done had we not had the opportunity to try the radiation first. No chemotherapy, at least not until the symptoms of the cancer are worse than the side effects of chemo will be.

So, I have to fast from midnight on so the sugar/radioisotope IV they give me will be most effective and do its job.

Will blog the results later tomorrow night so everyone will get a status update and we'll go from there.

A BIG shout out to Andrea wo has wrapped up all her treatments- radiation AND chemo! Our prayers continue to be with you, Bob and the boys, and we send love from Layton. Oh, and just so everyone knows...cancer patients are tough! Andrea has done radiation and chemo and keeps on going. What an inspiration to me and my family. We love you guys!

Veni...vidi...vici! Bring it, cancer!

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  1. Todd, you are in our thoughts and prayers!! Good luck with the tests today.

    Love Shanna, Bobby & kids