Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait Part II...and Good News!

The good news first...we received word last night that the bone marrow test/biopsy was clean, and so there's no cancer to be found there.  Hallelujah!  That means we can proceed with the radiation treatment, and look for the potential in the January appointment to hear that there's no more cancer.

Hurry up and seems like that's been the norm the last few weeks.  Along with the word last night that the bone marrow was clean, I also received the word that the radiation oncologist's office had me booked for 10/30 for my initial consult, and then would begin radiation on 11/2.  I had been prepped that this week would be the initial consult (as per Dr. Glenn's understanding), and then begin radiation on 10/19.

Now, I'm a big boy, and I realize that we don't always get what we want (at least I'm always telling the girls that!).  I'm also familiar enough with the healthcare world to realize that doctors are often overbooked, and oncologists may even be more so.  So, if it MUST BE that I cannot see Dr. Million until 10/30, so be it.  That said, if we can begin sooner, I'd like to, as I'd like to get moving on this while we can take advantage of all the blessings we've been given- localized, Stage II, grade 1 (low grade), etc., etc.  In two weeks time I don't know that anything will change, but why take the chance?  So, Debbi, my awesome nurse at Huntsman was going to make some calls today and see if we can get this moved up somehow.  Fingers crossed...prayers offered!

Finally, let me just editorialize a bit and say that the love and concern showed by SO MANY has been overwhelming, and very heart warming.  So many folks have said and done things to show support and love, and I don't want to single any out at the risk of leaving others out.  But, I do want to share something today for any who are interested to take a look at.  The cycling community is really very tight, and even more so a club within cycling.  I'm a member of the Bountiful Mazda/Bountiful Cycling club, and can honestly say I can't think of a more upstanding, competitive, kind and generous group than the folks I share the roads with and trade "pulls" with when we're riding.  Many of them are very best friends of mine, but all of them are good folks and I love spending time with them.

Larry Peterson is one of these wonderful folks in the club, and is also our club webmaster (more on that in a minute).  When Larry found out about my diagnosis, he sent one of the most touching e-mails I've ever read, and hasa followed-up with a few more that have caused me to shed some tears of gratitude and love (not that it's hard to make me cry!).  An excerpt of what Larry sent to me when he found out:

"Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are all aimed your direction. You will now look differently at all those cancer stories, but there is only one that matters, yours and lets make it a good one. I propose we form a “Todd’s Team” to help with your battle against this demon. What ever you need just ask and if it’s doable it will be done.

For the last two years I have been riding specifically for those battling cancer. I have a list of names I carry with me all the time. It reminds me that my suffering is nothing compared to theirs. I would be pleased to add your name to the list just below my sister’s name who has been battling cancer since 1988.

This is one race it’s OK for you to win – go do it and we will back you up."

Yeah, I know..."verklempt"!  So, you see the kind of guy Larry is.  Well, he's since renamed the group "HandyMen", and has enlisted some of the wonderful folks I ride with in the club. He shared with me that he's even added a tab to our club website, which you can view by clicking here HandyMen.

So, many thanks to Larry for his thoughtfulness and friendship, and to all those HandyMen he's enlisted so far.  More so, thanks to all the members of the Bountiful Mazda/Bountiful Cycling club for their friendship and camaraderie over the years (even those riders who are so much better than me and routinely tear my legs off!).

RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!  Go Bountiful Mazda!

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  1. That is great news Todd! I hope that you are able to get started with your treatment, sooner rather than later. I know I would be that same way, once you know you need to do it, then I'd just want to get it done. I'm glad that you've had a lot of support from people, expecially your cycling team. It sure makes a big difference to feel others prayers and support. Thanks for keeping us posted.