Friday, September 25, 2009

The Day After...and No More Blood Donations!?!

My first consult with my HCI Oncologist is scheduled for Thursday, 10/1.  I'll be working with Dr. Martha Glenn ( of HCI's Hematology Oncology practice (  Lots of questions to ask, none of which I have answers for right now: What Stage is this cancer?  Do we know when it started?  What does chemo look like for this strain of cancer, and what will the impact be to me?  Of course, the kids want to know, "Dad, are you gonna be bald?"  I say, "bring it!"  :-)

Next Topic... 

So, in a conversation with Bishop Smith today he reminded me that I had given blood two days before I was hit by the car, and perhaps I ought to let the Red Cross know in case they hadn't yet used my blood.  I called and spoke with a lady who said they'd track it down if it hadn't been used and do whatever they do with it.

As I was hanging up the lady said "Let me look at one more thing"- she came back and let me know that lymphoma is an indefinite deferral for blood donation- I'll never be able to donate again! Now, that REALLY makes me sad, as I try to donate as often as I can, because I know of the good it can do for others, and I'm a healthy guy and can afford to do so.

I'm sure there will be many more moments when I say "cancer sucks because...", but this is one of the first ones.  CANCER SUCKS BECAUSE I CAN NO LONGER DONATE BLOOD AND HELP OUT MY FELLOW MAN!


  1. Todd: Dr. Tricot has been involved in my cousin's bone marrow treatment at HCI. Ask Dr. Pulsipher if you and he are related!

  2. I don't think I'd be worrying too much about an errant lymphoma molecule someone may have gotten from your blood. I'd be far more concerned about all the EPO some unsuspecting soul has taken on! They're going to think it's normal to feel that way and will be totally bummed-out when they come back to earth.

    You are riding with the Club tomorrow morning I hope. No wimpy excuses allowed. We'll be expecting to see you out in front taking your normal 15-minute pulls.

    You, Lisa, and the girls remain in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Todd,
    Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are all aimed your direction. You will now look differently at all those cancer stories, but there is only one that matters, yours and lets make it a good one. I propose we form a “Todd’s Team” to help with your battle against this demon. What ever you need just ask and if it’s doable it will be done.

    For the last two years I have been riding specifically for those battling cancer. I have a list of names I carry with me all the time. It reminds me that my suffering is nothing compared to theirs. I would be pleased to add your name to the list just below my sister’s name who has been battling cancer since 1988.
    This is one race it’s OK for you to win – go do it and we will back you up.


  4. Hey Todd,
    As Jeff has mentioned in many emails I really don't know what to say.
    I have a neighbor that had some cancer in his throat and had a bunch of radiation treatments that made him lose all his facial hair, which my wife would love. He made it through with flying colors after all was said and done. I wish you well and keep you in my thoughts and prayers and know that you will be back pulling my butt all the way home from Brigham City before I know it. On second thought maybe I will finally get to return the favor and pull your butt home. I would do it with no questions asked.

    Take care and live...

    Jason "Toad" Farnsworth